Classic business charts and their variants

    Bar & Lines

    Classicl Bar/Line charts, including Stacks, Areas, Percent, Statistics and more


    Simple Pies, 3D Pies, Donuts and Z-axis Pies

    Cross Tables

    Data Grids, with Alerters, Markers and Data-entry capabilities


    Ranking and Pareto charts with Threshold and Multisort

    Scatter plot

    Scatter plots and Matrix charts, with Color Coding and History Tracing


    Radars, Spider charts, with markers, areas and benchmarks

    Advanced and original charts


    Funnel and Tornado charts, with single or two variables

    Delta Drill

    Specific chart for the analysis of variations over different dimensions


    Specific chart specialized in sensitivity analysis


    Stacked bar with proportional wideness and normalization capabilities

    Complex charts with interactive capabilities

    Maps - Gradient

    Multicolor geographic analisys

    Maps - Drill

    Map analysis with drill-down capabilities

  • Luna Decision - The New Style of Corporate Performance Management

    The output of a CPM project is what the final users will experience. In essence, a book will be judged by its cover!

    Luna publications and printout functions are professional-grade and go well beyond the typical 'office' charting.

    Complex report design dashboards can be created using tens of components such as charts, grids, logos, notes and widgets.

    You have full control over colors, fonts, and styles via a flexible visual authoring tool with what-you-see-is-whatyou-get capabilities.

    Report metrics can be expressed in cm's, inches, pixels or percent points. Pixel-precise output can be saved as high quality lossless raster files, PDF files or vector metafiles.

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